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Can You Name These Twelve Guardian Ninjas from Naruto? Take Our Quiz Now!

Can You Name These Twelve Guardian Ninjas from Naruto? Take Our Quiz Now!

Welcome to the Quiz: Are the Twelve Guardian Ninjas Familiar to You? This quiz will test your knowledge about these elite shinobi who fiercely swore to protect the Fire Daimyō in the world of Naruto. If you're a true Naruto fan, this is the perfect chance to prove your expertise. Let's begin!

Who was the leader of the Twelve Guardian Ninjas?
Asuma Sarutobi
What symbol is on the back of the cloaks of the Twelve Guardian Ninjas?
A leaf
A fire
A windmill
A sand
Which member of the Twelve Guardian Ninjas became a monk after they disbanded?
Asuma Sarutobi
Are the Twelve Guardian Ninjas from the same village?
Yes, they are all from Konohagakure.
No, they are from different villages.
Yes, they are all from Sunagakure.
Yes, they are all from the .
What's the mission of the Twelve Guardian Ninjas?
To protect the Hokage
To protect the Fire
To protect the Leaf Village
To collect information for the Leaf Village
What is the stance of the Twelve Guardian Ninjas on using jutsu?
They are prohibited from using jutsu.
They can use jutsu, but only non-lethal ones.
They can use any jutsu they want.
They can only use jutsu when protecting the Fire Daimyo.

The Twelve Guardian Ninjas in Naruto Series

The Naruto series, renowned for its riveting plot and complex characters, introduces us to the concept of the Twelve Guardian Ninjas. This elite group of shinobi, as the name suggests, has the primary task of guarding the Land of Fire's Daimyo, adding an extra layer to the intricate politics of the Naruto universe.

  • The Twelve Guardian Ninjas aren't just ordinary shinobi. They are exceptionally skilled and strong, handpicked from the Land of Fire's populace. Each member, characterized by a ‘Fire' on their flak jackets, is known for their extraordinary combat prowess.
  • The group was led by a shinobi named Asuma Sarutobi, who was the son of the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. Asuma, a primary character in the series, later left the group and became a Jonin of the Hidden Leaf Village, further adding to the group's lore.
  • Each member of the Twelve Guardian Ninjas wields a unique weapon known as the Chakra Blade. These blades, imbued with the user's chakra, can increase the damage inflicted on opponents significantly.
  • The members of this group were also known for their distinctive formation, the Formation of the Twelve Ninjas, which was known to be impenetrable. This formation not only increased their defensive capabilities but also amplified their offensive ones.
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The Twelve Guardian Ninjas play a crucial part in the Naruto series, contributing to the unfolding drama and action. Despite their limited screen time, each character leaves a lasting impact, making them a popular element among Naruto aficionados. So, are you familiar with these skilled protectors of the Land of Fire's Daimyo? Take the quiz and find out!

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