Home Quiz Dragon Ball Quiz: Discover the Enchanting World of Cell’s Story!

Dragon Ball Quiz: Discover the Enchanting World of Cell’s Story!

Dragon Ball Quiz: Discover the Enchanting World of Cell's Story!

Welcome to the Quiz: A challenge to test your knowledge about the enigmatic and powerful villain, Cell. This character's story is complex, filled with evolution and battles. If you've followed the closely, this quiz will surely ignite your passion and put your expertise to the test!

Who created Cell in ?
Dr. Brief
Dr. Gero
What is the base form of Cell in Dragon Ball Z?
Perfect Form
Semi-Perfect Form
Imperfect Form
Super Saiyan Form
Who did Cell absorb to achieve his Perfect Form?
and 17
What are Cell's offspring called?
Cell Juniors
What technique does Cell use to commit suicide in a bid to destroy Earth?
Spirit Bomb
Who eventually kills Cell in Dragon Ball Z?


About Cell's Story in Dragon Ball

The Dragon Ball series, conceived by , features multiple entities and characters with intriguing stories. One of the most complex and engaging is undoubtedly that of the bio-engineered creature, Cell.

The Origin of Cell

Cell is a creation of Dr. Gero, a brilliant scientist from the . Dr. Gero's aim was to create the ultimate fighting organism, combining the DNA of the world's strongest fighters, including Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza.

Cell's Unique Abilities

What sets Cell apart from other characters is his unique ability to absorb other biological entities to increase his power exponentially. He does this to achieve his perfect form.

  • Imperfect form: This is Cell's basic stage, in which he is insect-like in appearance.
  • Semi-perfect form: Achieved after absorbing Android 17, Cell's power increases significantly and he becomes more humanoid.
  • Perfect form: After absorbing Android 18, Cell reaches his ultimate form, boasting unparalleled power and a near invincible body.
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Cell's Impact in Dragon Ball Series

Cell's story arc, known as the Cell Saga, is one of the most intense and popular in the Dragon Ball series. It encapsulates themes of destiny, identity, and the never-ending pursuit of power. From his battles with the Z-Fighters to his eventual defeat at the hands of Gohan, Cell's saga is a cornerstone of the Dragon Ball narrative. His legacy has left an indelible mark on the Dragon Ball universe.


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