Home Quiz Netflix Quiz: Discover how well you really know the thrilling series “Cursed”!

Netflix Quiz: Discover how well you really know the thrilling series “Cursed”!

Netflix Quiz: Discover how well you really know the thrilling series

Welcome to our Netflix Quiz on the popular series Cursed. This fantasy drama has captivated audiences worldwide. Do you consider yourself a fan? It's time to test your knowledge about this intriguing reimagining of Arthurian legends. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Who is the author of the original Cursed novel?
Tom Wheeler
J.K. Rowling
Stephen King
George R.R. Martin
What is the name of the main female character in Cursed?
What is the legendary weapon featured in Cursed?
The Sword of Power
Which actor plays Merlin in Cursed?
What is Nimue's mythical identity in Cursed?
The Lady of the Lake
Queen Guinevere
The Witch of Endor
Who is the Weeping Monk in the series?

Introduction to Netflix's Cursed

Cursed is a popular series available on Netflix that reimagines the Arthurian legend through the eyes of Nimue, a young woman destined to become the powerful Lady of the Lake. Packed with fantasy, drama, and magic, it explores the untold backstory of a crucial character from the age-old tale. Here's a brief look at some of the key aspects of Cursed.

Main Characters

  • Nimue: The protagonist and future Lady of the Lake, armed with a mysterious sword.
  • Arthur: A mercenary who eventually becomes King Arthur, known from the legend.
  • Morgana: A character shrouded in enigma who eventually becomes the Sorceress Morgana Le Fay.

Plot Highlights

  • Nimue's journey from a misunderstood outsider to a powerful force, driving the plot.
  • The struggle for power over the Sword of Power, which is believed to choose its own master.
  • The tension between the Red Paladins and the Fey, adding an intense dimension to the story.
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Why Cursed is Unique?

Cursed offers a fresh perspective on the Arthurian legend by featuring a female protagonist and focusing on her journey of empowerment. It also dives deep into the mythical and magical elements of the classic tale, providing viewers with a visually stunning and emotionally gripping narrative.

Challenging Quiz Ahead

Think you know all there is to know about Cursed? The following quiz will challenge your knowledge of the series, from the main characters and plot highlights to the finer details. Brace yourself for a dive into the magical world of Cursed and test how well you remember this spellbinding story!

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